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Shattering Glass by Nancy-Gay Rotstein - New Canadian editionCanada Author Nancy Gay-Rotstein
Shattering Glass by Nancy-Gay Rotstein - new Canadian edition Shattering Glass by Nancy-Gay Rotstein
Shattering Glass novel
“Rotstein’s novel vividly outlines the lives of three successful women who reminisce about what they have sacrificed — traditional family values for career and vise versa — to get what they want.... She brings her three protagonists to life with sympathy.”
Publishers Weekly

“In ways tragic, lonely and heroic this novel shimmers with contemporary hopes and fears. Recommended for its dramatic plotting and riveting dialogue.”
The Reader’s Review

In her powerful novel Shattering Glass, Nancy-Gay Rotstein weaves the tales of three women, who, like so many, find themselves caught between career and family and must cope with the inner turmoil brought on by being pulled in opposite directions by the desire for career success and striving to be a good mother. Each must personally confront the costs of success and examine her life decisions. | Read more

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This Horizon and Beyond:
Poems Selected and New

This Horizon and Beyond - Poetry BookNancy-Gay Rotstein’s poetry has long been
hailed for its powerful imagery, perceptive
insights and universal appeal.

“Her poet’s sharp eye detects the hidden
diamond or pearl... She has the rare gift to see things as they are, the gift of the prophet.”
—from the Foreword by Irving Layton

“Nancy-Gay Rotstein’s poems paint large, rich pictures of life... Her textures of colour, light and history freeze moments to paper...”
The Ottawa Citizen | More reviews

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This Horizon and Beyond: Poems Selected and New

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